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This evaluation was a joint initiative between the Perinatal Institute, five Acute Trusts and three General Practices within the West Midlands:

Acute Trusts
Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust
George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust
University Hospital Birmingham/ Birmingham Women's Hospital Foundation Trust

General Practices
South Birmingham

Each unit was issued with five copies of each of the eleven leaflets. The South Birmingham General Practice received five copies of four of the leaflets relevant to the primary care setting. Two General Practices within Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trusts utilised circulated leaflets relevant to the primary care setting.
To assess feedback and evaluate comments regarding the effectiveness of each leaflet, every leaflet pack contained two individualised questionnaires for completion by the healthcare professional and by the women, each returned separately in pre paid self addressed envelopes.
The healthcare professionals were asked to comment upon their impression on individual leaflets; their usefulness, were they clear and understandable and whether they would use them within clinical practice.
The women were asked if they understood the information from the amount of detail given and their overall impression.

We received responses and comments pertaining to each leaflet.
34% of healthcare professionals responded.
These included Associate Specialists, Diabetologists, Obstetricians,
Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Midwives, Diabetes Specialist Midwives, Practice Nurses,
Dietitians, Interpreters, Specialised Midwifery Assistants, and a Nursery Nurse.
20% of women asked to participate, returned questionnaires.
The age range of respondents was 21 – 45years (median age 30 years).
Responses were recieved from women with Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes.
The women who responded were from a variety of ethnicities: European, African, Afro-Caribbean, East Asian, South Asian.
48% stated this was their first pregnancy.

The feedback from the evaluations were discussed within the sub-group and appropriate amendments were made to leaflets.
75% of the suggestions raised led to alterations. Some were minor, but significant, and others more detailed.
All the leaflets were considered to be acceptable and appropriate to use in clinical practice.
Only one leaflet was specifically tailored to women with Type 1 diabetes, the other can be used by all.

Next Steps
The leaflets are available to order from the Perinatal Institute, see 'Cost and Ordering - leaflets' for prices. Altenatively the leaflets can be accessed on-line, see 'View the Leaflets'

We would like to thank all the women and the health professionals who participated in the pilot, for taking the time to complete the questionnaires. We greatly appreciate all comments received, which were significant in the evaluation and modification for all the leaflets.

Pat Brydon, Diabetes Project Midwife

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