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Version 15.2 - April 2015
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The Pregnancy Notes contain:

  • Explanatory notes on ‘what to expect’, discusses options & answers to common problems. Mothers want information that is up-to-date and evidence based; socially disadvantaged mothers want at least as much information as other groups.

  • Prompts for midwives to discuss various public health issues which are relevant during pregnancy e.g. employment rights, emotional support and domestic violence, the baby friendly initiative, smoking cessation, health and safety at work, home fire safety check.

  • Further prompts to discuss individual needs, access to services, and preferences for birth.

  • Information on antenatal screening tests consistent with aims of the National Screening Committee; prompts to confirm that information has been given to allow informed choice.

  • Details of family history consistent with recommendations from working party of the Joint Royal College Committee on Medical Genetics.

  • An emphasis on improved fetal growth screening, consistent with lessons from analyses of perinatal mortality. The Notes can incorporate ‘customised antenatal growth charts’ which adjust for individual maternal variation due to constitutional differences, ethnic group etc. The use of these charts improves the detection of fetal growth problems and reduces unnecessary investigations and admissions to hospital.

  • Guidance for professionals in accordance with national recommendations.

  • Changes for Version 15.2 include updated NSC screening timeline; screening for T21/T18/T13; expanded pregnancy planner; Maternity Payment Pathway System – space to document which pathway at booking; prompt in maternal medical history for chickenpox/shingles; family and friends test; updated VTE assessment as per RCOG guidance 2015, expanded information for women – first trimester scan.

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Pregnancy Notes

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