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Version 20.1 August 2020
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Changes to the Combined Notes, Version 20.1 (July 2020) Pregnancy section

Front inside page: Version updated to: Version 20.1 July 2020. Updated contact numbers and support groups.

Page a: Space to document midwifery team in maternity contacts’ section.

Page 2: Rewording of health and social care involvement – past or current.

Page 3: Medical history – heart disease added to cardiac problems. Genital infections reworded to sexually transmitted diseases. Family history – MCADD altered to inherited metabolic disorder.

Page 4: Previous pregnancies – premature birth information expanded to - capture women who have had a previous premature birth/uterine anomaly or surgery which increases risk of premature birth. Sexually transmitted infections information now included.

Pages 5: Congenital anomalies changed to conditions.

Page 6: Blood tests and investigations – split up into sections e.g. national screening tests -HIV, sickle cell etc, other blood tests – blood group and antibodies and any additional tests e.g. OGTT.

Page 7: No changes made.

Page 8: Ultrasound scans – information expanded.

Page 9: No changes made.

Page 10: Seasonal flu & Pertussis – information expanded. Important symptoms - rash illness and severe chest pain now included.

Page 11: No changes made.

Page 12: Risk assessment – now includes aspirin checklist, fetal growth restriction assessment, prompt for preterm pathway initiated. Manual handling/tissue viability and anaesthetic assessments should be documented on personalised care plan on page 15.

Page 13: Maternity payment pathway system – moved to top of this page. Personalised care plan – updated from management plan.

Page 14: Assessing fetal growth – new information on ultrasound scans added.

Page 17 & 18: Special features – space to document if Pertussis vaccine is given or declined. Personalised care plan reviewed/revised in each AN contact.

Page 19: Pregnancy symptoms/complications – information added about rash illness and severe chest pain spreading to the jaw, arm and back.

Page 20: General information – information added about CMV, Toxoplasmosis and Parvovirus.

Page 21: Your plans for pregnancy – prompts added to discussion with the mother about CMV, Toxoplasmosis and Parvovirus.

Page 22: Safe sleeping section updated.

Page 23: No changes made.

Page 24: Positions during labour and birth updated.

Page 25: Pain relief – TENS added.

Page 26: No changes made

Page 27: Abbreviations updated.

Page 28: No changes made.

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