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Version 21.1 - January 2021
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The Birth Notes have been developed as a comprehensive, complete document including operative delivery pages. They are a contemporaneous record and have been developed to represent the chronological process of labour. Additional documentation written in hospital records is not indicated.


  • Support a comprehensive risk assessment at the onset of labour; and which pathway of care has been identified.

  • Encourage documentation of an individualised management plan for labour and birth;

  • Identify risk factors for labour e.g. fetal growth restriction diagnosed on scan during pregnancy.

  • Include space to demonstrate discussion has occurred prior to procedures being undertaken and consent obtained;

  • Prompt the midwife to discuss various public health issues e.g. breast feeding, smoking etc.

Additional pages are available for pages 3, 4, 10/11 and 14 and have an adhesive strip attached, to enable the page to be secured into the document. If induction of labour is required, this is documented on a separate sheet (3a/b) which is secured into the document by an adhesive strip.

* Click on images below to view the antenatal admission page and complete booklet with explanation notes.

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Birth Notes
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Postnatal Admission

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