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Last print run: Version 21.1 - January 2021

The Postnatal Notes for Mother are to be used in conjunction with Postnatal Notes for Baby. The dual documents ensure support of the mother-baby dyad whilst acknowledging that mother and baby are individuals. When a mother is bereaved, an alternative booklet is available; to review the Bereavement notes click here. Where the baby is with carers other than the mother, the Postnatal Notes for Baby booklet stays with the baby. At the end of the period of midwifery care, both booklets are returned to the unit for filing.

The Postnatal Notes intend to facilitate delivery of an improved standard for postnatal care tailored to the individual needs of the woman, the baby and the family. They reflect the NHS Agenda around public health offering an equitable service which is accessible, flexible, and culturally sensitive. Evidence based information is provided to enable mothers and their families to make informed choices, allowing them to engage and develop a personalised plan of care with their healthcare team.

The postnatal notes were introduced into clinical practice in the West Midlands in 2006 following region-wide consultation. Since this time, the notes have been reviewed and revised in line with national recommendations, feedback from clinical practice and users. The notes are now used widely across England and Wales. There is a new postnatal admission page that has been launched April 2017 following user feedback. To review this click here. Prompts included are: - thorough risk assessment on admission, identify risks for sepsis/VTE/hypertension, plans for admission or discharged back to primary care.

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