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About the Leaflets Project - Version 16.1 March 2016

Most women who have diabetes or develop diabetes in pregnancy have an uncomplicated pregnancy and a healthy baby. However, there is an increased risk of some problems such as miscarriage, malformations of the baby’s heart; limbs; spine and other organs, fetal growth problems, stillbirth and early neonatal death in the first few weeks of life.

Therefore, planning your pregnancy before becoming pregnant is very important to reduce these risks.

Your healthcare team should provide information, advice and support to help you manage your diabetes and reduce the risks to you and your baby.

The information detailed in the leaflets has been developed to be used as part of individualised care plans and ongoing advice offered by healthcare professionals.

It is important for women to access and meet with their local Diabetes / Maternity Teams when using these leaflets.

DiPAG – The ‘Diabetes in Pregnancy Advisory Group’ was formed in June 2007 and meetings are held 3-4 times a year at the Perinatal Institute. To visit the DiPAG home page, click here

The Diabetes In Pregnancy Advisory Group (DiPAG) Patient Information Leaflet subgroup came into being in January 2009 to develop leaflets for healthcare professionals working within Diabetes-Pregnancy teams.

Since the reorganisation of the NHS in March 2013, The Diabetes In Pregnancy Group (DiPAG) is no longer in existence.

Therefore in January 2016, a new group of specialists has been set up to review the content of the Diabetes in Pregnancy notes and the information leaflets. They consist of Diabetes Specialist Midwives/Nurses; Dietitians; Specialist Midwives for Long Term Conditions; Obstetricians and Diabetologists. (DAPS - Diabetes And Pregnancy Specialists). The next meeting is planned for 9th March to finalise the changes to the information leaflets. Once the changes have been finalised, the new versions will be available to print from the website or purchased from Harlow Printing.

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